The Debut Album by the Top New Breed of British Oi!
Take a step back this is Bristol Elite. Pulling no punches and hard as nails Queensbury Rules delivers 13 tracks of top notch Oi! for the working class. Imagine if Combat 84, Motorhead and Agnostic Front had a bastard child and you'd get this master piece.

Comes with 8-Panel Booklet full of lyrics and pictures

Exclusive Stickers for the early orders while supplies last.

Add the New Breed Rising 4-Way comp for just $8. The compilation features Queensbury Rules, No Quarter, Steel Comb and Adverse Society.


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  • WORLD - 100% in stock
  • USA CD with New Breed Comp - 98% in stock
  • WORLD CD with New Breed Comp - 100% in stock